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General Wilhelm von Seydlitz, Prussia_1745

Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz, General Inspector of Cavalry, was one of the best cavalry officers of the 18th century. He fought in the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War, performing a key role in the Prussian victories at Rossbach and Zorndorf.

 In 1741, Seydlitz, who at that time was a cornet, marched from Cranowitz with 30 cuirassiers against 3000 Hungarians who were met with fierce resistance. But finally he had to capitulate as the infantry had failed to act with the hoped-for diligence.When Frederick the Great heard of the circumstances of the battle, he decided to create a company of hussars on a par with that of the Hungarians and named Seydlitz commander of a regiment. 

During the Seven Years War, after being wounded but continuing to fight in the battle of Leuthen, Frederick II awarded him the Order of the Black Eagle. Following the Treaty of Hubertusburg which ended the Seven Years War, Frederick II of Prussia named him General of Cavalry and Inspector General of Cavalry with the intention that young officers would model themselves on him.

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