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Kawit Brigada

The Brigada de Kawit is a regimental army that served 1898 to 1899, led by General Tomás Mascardo to serve under the Philippine Revolutionary Army. Kawit is a regiment that swears loyalty to the President. They fought in the Filipino - American war and try their best to save the motherland. Brigada de Kawit is also became famous due to their traitorous acts and lack of discipline. They are personal guard of the President Aguinaldo on his term.

54 mm white metal figure, assembled with tin welding; some figures may have small pieces of brass or copper. Hand-painted toy soldier with glossy finishment, matt finishment by request. Not contractual photography to being a craftsman product. Hand made produced and painted in Spain.

Product Options

Unpainted figure

REF: T05400022020BF

12,00 EUR
(Tax not included)

Hand painted figure

REF: T05400022020PF

20,00 EUR
(Tax not included)