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1300 b.C. Troyan Warrior

In 1194 b.C. Troy was a principality ruled by King Priam, against whom was warring a coaliation of Achean kings commanded by Agamemnon to rescue Helen, his brother Menelas wife, who had been kidnapped by Priam’s son Paris. The siege of the city lasted ten years. It ended thanks to the cleverness of Ulysses, King of Ithaca (a small Ionian island), who commanded that a great wooden horse be built in which many warriors were confined and ordered the Acheans to make a false retreat. The Trojans, believing that the besiegers had given up their undertaking, celebrated their triumph and bought the abandoned horse into the city. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Ulysses opened the doors  for the Acheans who besieged the city, sacking and burning it.

ALYMER catalogue ref. 09/2

54 mm white metal figure, assembled with tin welding; some figures may have small pieces of brass or copper. Hand-painted toy soldier with glossy finishment, matt finishment by request. Not contractual photography to being a craftsman product. Hand made produced and painted in Spain.

Product Options

White metal casting kit

REF: T0540092KF

Immediate delivery

7,50 EUR
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Assembled figure

REF: T0540092BF

Three days delivery

10,00 EUR
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Hand painted

REF: T0540092PF

One week delivery

18,50 EUR
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