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1300 b.C. Egyptian Standardbearer 

After the Neolithic period, approx. 4500 year b.C. the Egyptyans appear as a country. They settled in the Nile valley in small states or "nomes". Towards the year 3100 b.C., Menes managed to unnify the country definitely. He headed the first of the 30 dinasties of the Ancient Egypt. Chleopatra was defeated by the romans in the naval battle of Actium year 31 b.C. and as a result, Egypt became a further province of the Roman Empire in the year 30 b. C.

ALYMER catalogue ref. 02/3

54 mm white metal figure, assembled with tin welding; some figures may have small pieces of brass or copper. Hand-painted toy soldier with glossy finishment, matt finishment by request. Not contractual photography to being a craftsman product. Hand made produced and painted in Spain.

Product Options

White metal figure casting

REF: T0540023KF

Immediate delivery

7,50 EUR
(Tax not included)

Assembled figure

REF: T0540023BF

Three days delivery

10,00 EUR
(Tax not included)

Hand painted

REF: T0540023PF

One week delivery

18,50 EUR
(Tax not included)