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Panzerbefehlswagen I B (Pzbfw I B) 1936-1940

The Pzkpf I A was a small two man tank, About 200 were converted into small command vehicles with a three-man crew and two radios. The transmisión train ran along the centre of the floor to a differential which drove the front sprockets. After build 500 Pzkpf I A, the model I B was introduced with a larger engine, a slightly longer hull, an extra roadwheel and better performance.

Was tried out in the Spanish Civil War, where was found to be inadequate against any form of anti-tank gun. However, there were not anought heavier tanks in 1939 and had to fight in Poland and France. A few were even taken to Russia in 1941.

Length: 4.48m (13ft 3in). Width: 2.10m (6ft 9in). Height: 1.72m (5ft 8in). Weight: 5,400kg (11,905lb). Crew: 2. Power: Krupp Maybach 6 cylinders, water cooled, petrol, 100bhp at 2.300rpm. Armament: one 7.92mm machine gun in fixed turret. Speed: 40Km/hr (23mph). Range: 200km (125 miles). Maker: Henschel Werke.

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