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E-100. Landskenecht pikeman 1520 Germany .

Lansquenets (from the German “Land”, land or country and “Knecht”, servant) were German mercenary soldiers between the 15th and 17th centuries.

They participated in almost all the military campaigns of the 16th century, sometimes facing each other from opposing sides. Trained initially by Swiss masters, they ended up contributing to the latter’s demise.

Their behaviour on the battlefield was extremely variable. In order to be recruited, they needed to supply their own weapons, a doublet and footwear.

Their main weapon was a long pike, but the most experienced Doppelsöldner  used a halbard more than 2 metres in length, or a Zweihänder, a huge 2 metre sword.They also used the arquebus, but the true symbol of the lansquenets was a short sword with two quillons  in the shape of a loop, known as a Katzbalger.

However, the lansquenets were primarily recognisable by their brilliantly coloured garments.

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