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Scots Guards (Life Guards), France 1418

James II, King of Scotland, sent 24 selected noblemen to become personal bodyguards to the King of France, Charles VII.

The corps known as the “Garde Ecossaise”, consisting of 100 men, was formed in 1418. The unit became part of the “Life Guard”, an escort provided by the French king’s military household cavalry. They were allocated to two groups:

1st.Guards of the Sleeve “Gardes de la Manche”, 25 men who stayed close to the king at all times, even during his most intimate moments.

2nd.A second group was formed by 75 mounted archers.

The Scots Guards fought alongside Joan of Arc to expel the English from French soil and were with the king on the bridge of Montereau when John the Fearless died. They protected the king in numerous conflicts.

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