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Broneavtomobil 6 (BA-6)

The BA-6 (Broneavtomobil 6) was a heavy armored car developed in the Soviet Union in 1936. Were based mostly on BA-I, fitted with the new turret, same as in the T-26 m 1933 and BT-5 tanks, and also equipped with the 45 mm main gun. Around 385 BA-6 cars were built at the Izhorskij factory, until production ended in 1938. Was based on the Ford-Timken chassis, a 6×4 modification of the US Ford AA 4×2 truck, the last batch was built on Russian version of the same chassis - GAZ-AAA. In order to facility the movility, was fitted with auxiliary tracks that could be fitted onto the rear tandem wheels, converting the car to half-track; also were the new GK tires, filled with sponge, and thus much less vulnerable to small-caliber fire. On the downside, the tires reduced both the speed and range of the vehicle. Was very heavily armed for the era and could knock out other vehicles with ease, including tanks. However, the thin armor made it vulnerable to heavy machine gun fire.

The BA-6 was used in combat in the Spanish Civil War, against the Japanese, in the Finnish Winter War, and against the Germans in the early stages of the Eastern Front. Ironically, the German Army used a few Spanish-built six-wheeled armored cars, the Chevrolet M37, that was based in the BA-6. 

Length: 4.65m. Width: 2.10m. Height: 2.20m. Weight: 5.100kg. Crew: 4. Power: GAZ-A, 4 cylinders in line, petrol, 50bhp at 2.800rpm. Armament: 45mm 20-K gun and two 7.65mm DT machine guns. Speed: 55Km/hr. Range: 250km. Maker: Izhorskij factory.

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