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FAI (Ford-A Izhorskiy) 

The FAI (Ford-A Izhorskiy) armoured car was developed by the Soviet Union in the early 1930s. Was built on the chassis of the GAZ A car, a licensed copy of the US Ford A. This chassis was the major weakness of the FAI. The armoured cars based on commercial car chassis were for the most part, road-bound, thinly armoured and lightly armed. The FAI was a typical example of this class of vehicle with a single 7.62 mm DT machine-gun in a rotating turret. The armour was sufficient to stop most shell fragments and small arms fire, but could not withstand any kind of cannon or heavy machine-gun fire. It was also very vulnerable to mines. Was built in relatively small numbers and was employed in the Spanish Civil War, in the Finnish Winter War and early days of fighting on the Eastern Front in World War II.

Length: 3.69m. Width: 1.73m. Height: 2.07m. Weight: 1.750kg. Crew: 2. Power: GAZ-A, 4 cylinders in line, petrol, 40bhp at 2.200rpm. Armament: single 7.65mm DT machine gun. Speed: 75Km/hr. Range: 250km. Maker: Izhorskij Zavod factory.

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