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The BT 5, (Bystrokhodny tank, literally "high-speed tank") was a lightly armoured, but reasonably well-armed, and had the best mobility of all contemporary tanks of the world.  Designed by J. Walter Christie and refused by U.S. Army Ordnance Bureau, two tanks without turrets were sent to the Soviet Union under false documentation in which they were described as "agricultural tractors".  In about thirty minutes the crew could remove the tracks and engage a chain drive to the rearmost road wheel on each side, allowing the tank to travel at very high speeds on roads. In wheeled mode the tank was steered by pivoting the front road wheels. The turret was taken from the T-26 and mounted the 45mm anti-tank gun. They first saw action in the Spanish Civil War. A battalion of BT-5s fought on the Republican side, and their 45 mm guns could easily knock out the opposing German and Italian light tanks.

Length: 5.59m. Width: 2.23m. Height: 2.25m. Weight: 11.500kg. Crew: 3. Power: Model M-5, V 12, wáter cooled, petrol, 400bhp at 1.650rpm. Armament: 45mm M1935 gun, coaxially mounted 7.65mm DT machine gun. Speed: 72Km/hr. Range: 200km. Maker: Malyshev Factory

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