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Lancia IZ (1915-1916)

The Lancia armoured car rapidly became the standard Italian armoured car of WWI and was sufficiently successful to be still in service in the Italian colonies when WWII started. The original turret mounted three machine guns, two in the main turret and a single one in a smaller turret on the roof of the main one. The driver was well protected by sloped armour and there were twin wire-cutting rails running over the front.

Length: 5.73m (18ft 9in). Width: 1.94m (6ft 5in). Height: 2.37m (7ft 10in). Weight: 4.190kg (9.240lb). Crew: 6. Power: Lancia, 4 cylinders in line, water cooled, petrol, 70bhp at 2.200rpm. Armament: three Fiat 6.5mm machine guns. Speed: 60Km/hr (37mph). Range: 400km (248 miles). Maker: Fabbrica Automobili Lancia & Co.

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